I have moved.

To tumblr. Yes it’s true. At least for now. Find me here.


I think I learned something from this.

This was an idea for the February cover of F— the Valentine’s/sex issue. It spells ‘intercourse’ because in the throes of early love, people rely on a lot of non-verbal cues and body language. You really have to connect the dots. This was a failure because it’s too hard to read. Something I still need to resolve. But I think I learned some stuff about making my own letter forms.


My first offset project is complete. 3 spot colors, including metallic copper. On 80 lb speckletone cover stock. Real nice. I have 80 of them, so let me know if you want one!

Been meaning to post this forforever

The Werckmeister Harmonies was released in 2000, by Hungarian director Bela Tarr. This is the opening sequence—all entirely one shot. And the rest of the movie is the same. The camera is constantly tracking, capturing everything in very few cuts. It is beautiful.


I need you.

In the process of charting a way across the US. Collaboration is good, I’m seeking destinations and routes along this general trajectory.

South through Utah, west to the coast of California, east towards Florida, then North back to Chicago and Detroit.


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